Friday, 30 December 2011

Time Warp.

Like all new moms I am fascinated by her every move. However, unlike most new moms, I realise that you're not. So rather than post about every single thing she's done (clearly being the first and only child in the entire Universe to master these skills), here's a quick time warp round up of the firt few weeks.

Her English is coming along magically! we now speak a bizarre melange of Tok (Neo-Melanesian) and English. Swimming is 'play wash-wash" and the beach is "big sal warra".

we've kinda mastered a knife and fork.

we've had a meltdown in a supermarket.

We've reported back to her village "They eat meat at every meal and I can have as much as I want!"

We've have  BFF's called Jessica and Bree.

we're fascinated with standing under a shower and will do it for hours.

We like bacon aka 'flat pik', mueslii (breakfast lollies bilong Daddy).

We totally ROCK the Yacht Club, where we walk in, flick our peeps the peace sign, bask in the ensuing squeal of "VOP's HeRE!!!"

we didn't vomit on our first boat ride. (However we did look mighty green).

And we've been put to bed with a stern word, for being naughty.

And, from my point-of-view, I am excited to announce:

Her hair seems to be growing through without the discolouration of KD!

We finally evicted the intestinal worms

Her teeth are baby teeth, so will drop out and hopefully grow through without the pitting and discolouration of KD.

Her patches of depigmentation dermatitis aren't getting any bigger.

which pretty much brings us up-to-date.

Have a safe and super Gnu Ear, and Vop, Husbang and I will see you on the flip side. 

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