Saturday, 14 January 2012

you can take the girl out of the jungle village...

Today, Vop decided to go for a swim.

We're really excited about her swimming. she's developing confidence and autonomy, and loving every second in the pool.

Husbang and I are loving not being on the recieving end of the Possum Grip Of Death every time we try and swim with her.

However, mid-way through today's swim, she decided to go to the loo.

All good, there is a toilet attatched to the pool complex.

Except that the loo had no loo paper.

So what does my little Vop do?

Wipes her bum on a leaf. jungle-styles.

We now have a a nasty rash on our bum and 'kina" and are scratching it like a mofo.

Any suggestions?

Friday, 6 January 2012

Language, Rasta Mouse and hair food.

So, while I am proud that her language is coming along well, I'm a little concerned about making sure her English is good enough.

We're currently speaking a bizarre melange of English and pigin (Neo-Melanesian).

Part of my concerns are that I want her to be bilingual. After all we live in the country of her birth and I want her to be able to communicate in her native tongue.

All our staff speak pigin, as do Husbang and I (albeit, not very well!)

We've only had her for two months, and already her English has improved out of sight! we watch Sesame Street and Play Skool every morning, and read books in English throughout the day.

However, we seem to have come to an halt with our English. It's like she's got enough to communicate with us now, and she doesn't need any more.

Anyone out there ever experienced the same?

Bueller?? Bueller??

As for Rasta Mouse, I think I am crushing on him and his gang?

It's the goatee, I am sure.

As for hair food, well....

When I first got online to get some advice/help about interracial adoption, I was horrified to find (quite literally) thousands of blogs and posts and sites dedicated to:


My first thought was "how bloody typical of Americans to have a gazillion blogs devoted to their adopted kids hair!"



After a weekend in salt water,  and then a few days home in the pool, Vop now has a dread.

Note singular.

One great big matted, dried out mass of tangled, dead terror.

I need some advice/ help to get through this next few months, while we grow out the KD, without actually resorting toshaving her head and starting from scratch.

Cornrows? Dreads? straightening products?