Saturday, 14 January 2012

you can take the girl out of the jungle village...

Today, Vop decided to go for a swim.

We're really excited about her swimming. she's developing confidence and autonomy, and loving every second in the pool.

Husbang and I are loving not being on the recieving end of the Possum Grip Of Death every time we try and swim with her.

However, mid-way through today's swim, she decided to go to the loo.

All good, there is a toilet attatched to the pool complex.

Except that the loo had no loo paper.

So what does my little Vop do?

Wipes her bum on a leaf. jungle-styles.

We now have a a nasty rash on our bum and 'kina" and are scratching it like a mofo.

Any suggestions?

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