Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Atheism

Prior to moving to PNG I was what can only be described as a lapsed pagan. I'd moved from active christianity (**winces**), to militant paganism (**doublesquirm**). I married The Husbang in a "traditional pagan handfasting".

Despite my repeated prayers and pleas to the goddess or Jesus, or Asatru; or meditating on Abundance or justifying another final notice on the power bill as "the Universe doesn't send you what you want, it sends you what you need" (Please feel free to cue vom sound), no deity of ANY name appeared and gave my husband a job. No matter how often I waved my athame, to the cloying smell of Nag Champa, the rejection emails continued to roll in.

Conclusion: Deities don't care or the don't exist. Either way, I have better things to do with my time and money than talk to an invisible (and indifferent) sky pixie or have my tarot cards read.The "something's JUST around the corner" usually turned out to be another foreclosure notice.

My open, active atheism didn't really come about until I moved to PNG. PNG is a DEEPLY christian country. I mean DEEPLY. Like fanatically so. Christianity pervades every level in life. Banners in Top Town openly claim "prayer cures AIDS", journalists- within their stories, NOT as editorial comment- actually within their factual reporting, will exhort locals to pray. "The will of god" is often cited in news stories as the people survive car wrecks/ boat sinking/violence.

I found myself wanting to go on TV and ask the 100% of Highlands women who have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence  or the hundreds of thousands of people who live in poverty while PNG is listed as the the most corrupt Nation in the Pacific how all that prayer was working out for them? What their best invisible zombie friend Jesus was doing while women refuse treatment for breast cancer because their pastors tell them that prayer will cure them?

I wanted (and still do) to ask the Church that taught Vop to recite prayers in English, but didn't provide any formal education or food= and convinced a four year old that Satan would kill her if she was naughty, I want to ask them how all that prayer is working out for girls like VOP still left in the rural villages? Cos, seriously, I want to know.

And if you think for a minute that my atheism is solely anti-christian, you're wrong.When you muslims/jews/pagans/hindus/buddhists/**insert delusion of choice here** understand why you reject the teachings of all the other religions, then you will understand why I reject yours.

History is littered with dead gods. Yours is next.

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