Monday, 24 September 2012


Vop was watching Sesame Street this morning. She loves it. She sings and dances and grooves with Elmo, and we try and use Word of the Day in context for the rest of the morning, and all that sort of good parenting stuff.

So, this morning, as The Husbang was getting ready for work, and Vop was watching the TV, The Count came on.

Now, it's more than 17 years since my last child loved Sesame Street, and I didn't realise that in the interim, The Count got married, or at least has a live in, and, yes, she's called The Countess.

So The Count and his squeeze are negotiating their fave thing, to count, yes?

What the Countess said:

"Count, mein schnitzel, until I scream stop!"

What the Husbang heard"

"Pound my schnitzel until I scream stop"

Coffee came out his nose.

SS may have changed since our older kids loved it, but not THAT much.

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