Monday, 29 October 2012

Hysterical excitement!

Vop's taking her first plane trip today. To Port Moresby. To meet up with two of our kids, to bring them up to Lae for a holiday.

I know there are plenty of first-world kids who've never flown. Our oldest didn't fly until she was 11, but the other kids seem to have absorbed the idea of flight and geography easier than Vop has. She has no idea about nationality and border issues. She's pissed that she can't fly all the way to Australia to get the kids.

The best I could come up with was "The Government need to give you papers to fly to another country, and we don't have yours yet"

She's still pissed.

So, thanks to the power of the Interwebz, we called up Google Earth and tried to explain the trip to her.

She no gat.

She thought she was going in Mommy's computer and wanted to know how that was going to happen.

I guess our first world kids were exposed, from birth, to the idea of planes and flight and travel.

Flight, to Vop, is something that Timmy Turner's Fairy Godparents do on that mind-numbingly asinine show I let her watch sometimes.

She also wanted to know if she'd see Jesus when she flew in the sky.

I do believe that I heard The Husbang mutter "Only if the pilot fucks up, darling", under his breath.

I don't know how or why our other kids grasped the idea of birds-eye views of maps, or seemed to understand the concept of airplane flight. I can't remember ever sitting down with them and having the type of conversations I've had this week with Vop

She truly didn't understand why she didn't need to pack her fairy wings to fly.

We've taken her out to the airport and she's seen planes come and land, and take off. She's seen passengers disembark. But she has no cultural reference of flight and plane travel. Unlike the other kids, whose Grandparents and other significant people in their lives spent a goodly part of their lives engaged in regular air travel, to Vop, traveling anywhere is a foreign concept.

So, while I sit at home and fret, The Husbang (Goat bless his staunch, calm, stiff-upper-lippiness) will be escorting an hysterically excited, tired, overwrought Vop on a 7 hour round trip to Moresby.

I'lllet y'all know how that works out.

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