Thursday, 22 November 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly

I guess sometimes I get caught up in the 'bad' of Lae. There's plenty of it. The crime, the dust, the boredom. Much of Lae is, currently, without water. No-one seems to know why. Last time this happened, in 2009, it was because PNG Water hadn't paid their bill to PNG Power and so 'someone' turned off the water, at the source. Then there was the time that a rumor went around town that the Lae water supply had been poisoned, so 'someone' turned it off at the source.

We, however, still have water. We're at the bottom of the hill, almost at sea level, so even after they turn off the water, we still get some residual flow and pressure from the pipes.

We also get all the manque that has collected in the pipes.

Typhoid, anyone?

So my kitchen is currently full of various containers, all filled with filtered and boiled water, from which we will bath, drink and prep food until the water comes back on.

We COULD probably shower, even with the pissy water pressure, but I can't be assured that 50 years of someone elses' skin cells wouldn't be the major ingredient in what was flowing aponst ma body.

Doesn't really bear thinking about, does it?

So, yes, it's bad.

It's also amazingly good.

Coming from much more temperate climes, I am constantly amazed by the fruit up here.Back home I once, much to The Husbang's chagrin, bought an organic pineapple. $USD for a tiny wee thing that, once peeled, yielded about a teaspoon of fruit.

But, OH!! What fruit it was!

Here, I can get 'organic' pineapples, for about $1USD. And they're only organic because the villages in which they are grown can't afford pesticides. And they're HUGE! Big mutha pineapple-on-steroid kinda huge.

They taste like sunshine.

And the watermelons up here? Not for us the pale, chalky melions of home. Up here they are called sugar melons, cost about $4USD for a whole one, and are electro pink. They are melons like you can only dream of back home.

Apparently SOME people **shifty sideways glance and nervous foot shuffle** cut a tiny hole/plug in them and empty a whole bottle of vodka into them, refrigerate overnight, and then consume in a lustful mouthgasmic Bacchanalian tribute to Tastevarna (to mix a few dogmas)

Bananas are bananier. mangoes are mangoier, Tomatoes give The Husbang gout, they're so tomatoey.

Fruit that you would pay el prino prices for in some snooty specialty "purveyor of rare victuals"
 back home are available for a few cents here. Mangosteens cost me about $.25c each. I can pick up a bunch of rambutan maybe 8-10 fruit in a bunch for less than 0.50c.

I can do my fruit and veg shop up here for about $25USD a week.

Of course, this is at the local main market, NOT at the supermarkets, where much of the fruit and veg is imported from Australia and is ridiculously expensive.

I'll blog about The Ugly later. ((yes, freaky ugly white man, with nasal hair and warts that was perving on my boobs at the Yachy Club last Friday, I AM talking about you!! Wearing your cap backwards does NOT make you Gangsta. You're 60 and fat, it makes you creepy. However, your **cough cough** manly strut as you attempted to get my attention, along with your cap, DID earn you a rapper name "Fat Crust Pizza" sung to the tune of "Ice, Ice, Baby")

Believe me, that Ugly is worth a WHOLE post of its own

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