Tuesday, 27 November 2012

You can't make this shit up

Recently, I sent my weekly "What's on in Lae" email home to friends and family. It's my weeklyish report home. I include Vop's milestones, what we've been up to and various stories from up here in Lae.

I was mentioning to a friend up here, a long-termer, that I often get emails back accusing me of exaggerating stories in Lae (like the time I ran through the main market, in my pajamas, wielding a bush knife)

She said, and I will never forget this:

"You don't EVER need to exaggerate about life up here, it's bizarre enough without it. But people who've never been here will not ever be able to understand it"

I will blog about the above market incident one day, and the time I ended up driving in a car in the middle of the 4 Mile settlement, lost, but for now let me present you with a pictorial story that needs no words. NONE of the following are photoshopped in any way.

Welcome to Lae. You can't make this shit up.

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