Thursday, 27 December 2012


How was your Crimbo?

Mine was hideous.

The electricity went off on Crimbo Eve, and the genset kicked in, which is all normal for Lae, except that it never went off again. The owners of the compound, those ones who can't get a workman out to fix our alarm system for almost 18 months, had an electrician here, on Xmas Day.

Like wowza.

Who told us there was no electricity coming from the pole, to the house, and turned the genset off. Because it costs so much in diesel to run.

So, no electricity on Crimbo.

Meaning no panini press. No oven for cooking. No electricity to charge computers for Skype-age with kids and friends.

No charged phones, so no phone calls,

No air conditioning, my friend.

No lights, no television.

We made a sneak raid on the 'fridge, to get out the ham, but we had to be careful not to let too much cold out, to keep the food from turning. Who knew when it would be back on again.

So we had ham for Crimbo.

And 4 boiled eggs (gas stove, lit with matches)

Can't get much more deconfuckingstructed that that, can you?

We thought about cooking the chicken, in the gas stove, but it was 98 degreesF here on Xmas day, and with no airconditioning, that was just asking for a heat-stroke.

And, yes, at the risk of sounding like a petulant douche-canoe, we argued.

For more reasons than I dare confess to, I am hating this place right now.

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