Saturday, 15 December 2012

The US gun control debate.

So, I am trying to openly and honestly debate gun control in the US, with a couple of people on FB. The utter insanity of the tragedy is another thing altogether, but I keep hearing this "I own a gun for personal safety" or "for home protection" Seriously people? You live in AMERICA, most of you in downtown Averageville. How likely is is that you EVER actually going to need a gun?
Even if you lived in BubbaFuckah West, peopled with "Deliverance" rejects, you REALLY think it's ok to have a gun 'just in case"?
 I live in LAE, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, described by The Lonely Planet as "the most dangerous city in the world outside a war zone" I have riots and murders in my city, if not in my fucking street, on a daily basis. I live in a city where we are all regularly updated as to where we can and can not go. My friend's children saw a man shot dead in front of them, last Sunday.
Being "hands upped" is a daily factor, yet I drive and shop and eat and play and visit with friends and sleep and conduct my daily life quite well and normally.

And I don't own a gun.

You're worried about home invasion? Do the fuck what I do. Live behind 9ft steel fences and razor wire, with (unarmed but baton-ed) guards on the gate 24/7 and have your bedroom zone locked away behind a rape gate. Get a couple of guard dogs.

A gun should NEVER be your first option for "home protection". Get some steel bars on your fucking windows, man.

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