Saturday, 26 January 2013

Creepy Crawlies (part deux)

The Husbang is an Ophidiophobic. He has a pathological fear of snakes. Many years ago we took the kids to a snake farm. They got to pet Imelda, the 10ft long diamond python. I got to supervise the activity while The Husbang sat foetally in the farthest corner, rocking back and fro.

So meet our new pet. 

His name is Kevin.

Kev is a 4ft long green tree python.

Now, if Kev had just mosey'd on in one day and set up residence in the bathroom, I'd be a bit taken back. Not freaked out, but taken aback. 

However, Kev did NOT just wander in, The Husbang purchased him. Bought him off some street kids who had caught him and were going to eat him. 

If that's wasn't enough to make my head explode, The Husbang purchased Kev, put him in the car, drove him home and then physically placed him in the bathroom. 

My Ophidiophobic Husbang handled a snake. 

That's like me going out and buying a bird eating spider and wearing it as a hat, my friend.

So far removed from anything that's likely to happen, as to be absurd.

But no, Kev has now been relocated from the bathroom, to his own special tank in the loungeroom, where The Husbang talks to him and croons and cuddles him. 

I've searched high and low for the alien probe entry site, but haven't found it yet.  

Meet The Husbang and his python.

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