Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Ok, it's been a while betwixt posts, but it's been a busy month. A flying less-than-a-week visit back home for son's 21st birthday, topped off by my first real bout of malaria.

Malaria. Add it to the list of diseases you DON'T want to get.

In no particular order of importance, let me describe the symptoms.

The muscle aches. Think of the flu. Not just that last bad head cold where you told everyone it was the 'flu, I mean the REAL flu. Where every single muscle in your body aches like it's been beaten with sticks. From bending your fingers, to rolling over in bed, every movement of every muscle is agony.

The add cramps. Specifically cramps in your toes that feel like I imagine gout would feel. And they roam randomly, these cramps. Sometimes it's your hips, or your upper arm, or your neck or your ankles, but at least a dozen times a day, you will be struck by debilitating, roving body cramps.

Separate to these cramps are the bone pains. Usually in your shoulders and pelvis.

And the random sensations of ants crawling all over you.

Then they're the rigors, dripping sweats one minute and shivering chills the next.

And the headache that makes a Trade Winds hangover look like a stroll down the primrose path.

Then there's the weird almost-fainting sensation that occurs every time you try and stand upright.

And of course, NOTHING helps a good headache like the drive heaves associated with the rolling nausea, or the constipation caused by mainlining codeine...

And the sheer mind-numbing exhaustion of all the above means you barely leave your bedroom. 

And this delightful litany of symptoms goes on 24/7 for about 5 days.

And then there's the added bonus of the rashes that break out on your body from the sweats, and the dry cough from living in airconditioning both day and night.

It's taken me about 20 minutes to type this, and I'm spent.

Back up to bed for me.

Catch y'all soonish.

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