Saturday, 27 April 2013

Unexpected beauty

I'm doing a favour for a friend at the moment. I'm looking after her business while she's on holidays. Her business is running a school. So 28 years after I vowed NEVER to enter a school room again, I'm back.

My 'job' consists mainly of sitting on a  stool telling 3-4 year olds to 'listen' and 'sit up straight'. All those lectures on Piagetian theory of language aquisition are STILL not being put to any use, but it's ok. I am actually quite enjoying myself.

The staff are wonderful. They think I'm quite mad. With my dreads and weird clothes. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with teaching the alphabet by dancing to "YMCA, while wearing a Bristol Anarchist's T-shirt and silver sparkly flip-flops, but that's just me.

And the "Macarena" is a great way to sneakily get some kineseology happening for some of the 'slower' kids.

The staff, the "aunties" are some of the most devoted teachers I've ever met. They are wonderful, generous women who care deeply for the kids. And one of the lovely things they do for each other is bring in fruits and flowers from their gardens to share.

And yesterday one of them bought in this:

It's called a Black Orchid, but I am reliably informed it's actually a lilly. Either way, it's the most spectacular flower I've ever seen. It looks blacker in real life... Matt flat black. And it's HUGE, the flower is as big as my hand, and the feeler thingies take the whole thing to the size of a dinner plate.

Apparently they grow like weeds in Aunty Susan's garden.

So yes, I'm getting some cuttings and I too am going to have these gorgeous things in my garden.

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