About Us

I'm in my late 40's. I was an happily single medial professional, until I met my now Husbang. We moved to Papua New Guinea and we're now fostering a four year old orphan girl. dealing with the aftermath of a failed adoption attempt.I've gone from treating women victims of domestic violence, to witnessing it first hand. I say Fuck. A lot, although that's changing now that  vo'p's in my life.

I am reconciling the politics of a white, western, educated woman with the reality of living in a country crippled by poverty, corruption and shocking violence.

With a large dose of Rasta Mouse thrown in.

Life as a trophy wife isn't all bridge and golf (although I do admit to a round or two). We do, however, belong to the Lae Yacht Club, which is vastly less glamorous than it sounds.

The Husbang and I now have V'op, aka Cup Cake, aka Small Brown Terrorist, along with two three dogs, one  two of which are special needs.

I shop at local markets, eat fruit bat  and cus cus, and I'm inordinately proud of growing my own pawpaws.

This blog is my way of trying to make sense of all the above.