Why expat? Why PNG?

Because of the GFC, that's why. You REALLY think that moving to a place known as "The City of Pot Holes" was on my bucket list? I have Double E breasts, people! DOUBLE E!!

Let me tell you what Einstein, in formulating his Theory of Relativity forgot:

Double EE + potholes
menopause                      =  STABBY

Luckily we've fallen in love with Lae, potholes and all. I just don't leave the house for three days a month.

It's dirty. It's dusty. It's periodically unsafe, it's politically unstable and corrupt. It's humid, it rains most of the time

And we love it

(except the alcohol ban. We do NOT love that. Yep, people you read it right, I live in a city where alcohol is banned)


  1. Is it still banned or was that just for the election period?

  2. Newp. Still on as we speak. It's officially in place until 01/01/13, but there are rumours circulating that it will be lifted soon. And then, I shall bathe in Trade Winds Vodka (because you surely wouldn't drink that shit)

  3. Ha, I love your description! Hope you've got some good bras :-) I've heard about Lae's potholes... I thought POM's were bad enough!

  4. Where the heck have you gone? Did you leave Lae? I may be on my way with my bouncy D's....hate of heat and humidity and 4 years being less than a man in the Middle east.....will I have fun there? Where will the kiddo go to school????? help!!